How to create a YouTube account-Different ways to easily create a YouTube account

How to create a youtube account without
If you have been looking for a way to effectively communicate your  message through online video so it changes the lives of those who are interested, then YouTube is definitely the place to start. YouTube was founded in February 2005. YouTube allows billions of people like you and me to discover,watch and share their massages using videos.So if you too would like to get started creating and sharing your videos or you just want to like,comment ,rate save or subscribe to other channels of interest you would first need to create a YouTube account which is what this post is all about.

Here below are some pressing questions about YouTube account creation that I found online when i was making research on this topic.

How to Create a YouTube Account?

When I Googled this question I could not help but click on the 5 ranking site on Google which
 is the"For dummies"website.I chose that site because I really wanted a site that will give you
 a simple step by step process and that is exactly what "For Dummies" did. You can check
 it out by clicking  here or just watch the video blow that shows you the whole process 
step by step.

How can I create a YouTube account without Gmail?

This is another pressing question I found on yahoo answer posted by a guy who calls himself  vilseck 10 months ago.I then did a little keyword research using the big G keyword research tool for the phrase "create a YouTube account without Gmail" and here is what I came out with
Global monthly searches=210
Local monthly search=73(that is in the USA)

Now you have to understand i did the search with exact match type.Though the number of searches my seem small all I could think of was that there are still people out there still looking for a way to create a youtube account without Gmail .So for those 210 people wold wide who are still wandering how to create a youtube account without using Gmail services then this short video below on how to quickly open a YouTube account using any email address you want is for you.

How do I create a YouTube account without using Google Plus?

This is what "HHAYD"(forum profile name) from Cyber nation had to say;
I've been trying to create a YouTube account, but it keeps linking me to a Google Plus account. I don't like it because Google+ requires me to enter my real name, and I do not feel conformable using my real name in YouTube.
Now if you also share the same feelings like HHAYD then you would want to watch this video .

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