How to Create and Upload a YouTube Channel Trailer

The YouTube channel trailer is one of the best features, among the changes YouTube recently made under the one channel layout. Why? Well if not for the same reason that YouTube created it, which is to pull in new subscribers then I really do not know why. In essence, anyone who is not already a subscriber of your channel will actually see a video (from you) that is designed to welcome them and tell them what your channel is all about and what you expect them to do next!

How to make a good YouTube channel trailer

There is no better place to learn how to make a good YouTube channel trailer than re-faring to the revised YouTube playbook that is jam-packed with tips and tricks on how to easily promote your massage online so lets see what YouTube has for us when it comes to Creating an awesome YouTube Channel Trailer.

YouTube channel trailer best practices

•  Keep it short.

 It is important to keep  your trailer video short.You should be able to pitch all about your channel to your viewer in less than a minute, preferably in less than 30 seconds.It is not really a must to do that within that time but the trailer can be very effective when done within a minute.Here are some few points you would want to include when create a YouTube trailer.

•  Get to the point.

Diving straight to the point of informing your viewers what your channel is all about within the first
5 seconds is crucial because this is the time when YouTube viewer decide whether they should keep on watching  for its duration (and take an action) or move on to the next vdieo of interest. Make an impression with the first 5 seconds of your video.When writing the script of your thrailer video,you will want to consider taking a look a the points below

•  Don’t run a full episode as an ad

Running a full episode as a thrailer video is simply wack take a look at some Holy wood trailer acts and learn some leasons. It is a very poor user experience and will not perform well.

•  Show, don’t tell.

You most have head that actions speak louder than words havn't you.Well that is the case here, If you’re a comedy channel, make a funny promotional video. If you’re an extreme sports
channel, incorporate a trick statisticks about the sport you are interested into your video. Your channel trailer is your elevator pitch to potential subscribers: what can you show to convince them to subscribe to your channel?

•  What is the most important thing you want your
viewer to do?

Now after showing your viewer rather than telling them what your channel is all about it is time to for some action from your tarketed viewers.This action can be directing your veiwers to click a link on the screen or description box below the video that may lead them to a squeeze page ,sales page or any landing page of your choice. Ask for that action in a fun way towards the end  of the video and leave time for the viewer to take that action before the video finishes. For long term
value, the best Calls to Action is  to encourage the viewer to visit your squeeze page or
subscribe to your channel.

To close up I am going to leave you with a great example of a trailer video provided by the YouTube Play book.

How to Upload A YouTube Channel Trailer

Now that you probably know how to create a beautiful YouTube video trailer as I would assume I guess it is time to answer the question on How to upload a YouTube trailer video? I decided to add this part because I created a video on uploading a YouTube video Trailer and that video alone has created quite a tire on the channel I uploaded the video on.The video will show you step by step how to find the hidden pencil that will give you a lead way to upload your trailer video pirod.
Here is the video ;

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